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Faculty of Research, Planning and Development

Faculty Overview

The Faculty of Research, Planning and Development consists of two departments and one unit. There are the Department of Planning and Evaluation, the Department of Research and Development and the unit of External Resource Management.


The main goal of the faculty is Planning and reviewing the progress of the activities of the institute. Further the promotion of a research culture and enhancing  the global viability of the NIE  are other objectives. The department of Research offers thematic certificate courses for teachers and other educationists. The External Resource Management unit works actively for the improvement of human capital and the development of the NIE staff making provision to follow local and foreign courses.


  • To enhance the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the NIE through effective planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation.
  • To facilitate informed decision-making in education through scientific information.
  • To enhance the competencies of researchers for strengthening a research based decision making process in the education system.


Department of Research & Development
Department of Research & Development
Department of Planning & Evaluation
Department of Planning & Evaluation


Mrs. M.N.F. Rihana

Management Assistant - II

Deputy Director General's

Research is the cornerstone at NIE. My team and I are indeed honored to be part of this faculty. In our role as facilitators to the NIE decision-makers, my team supports educational researchers through training in research methodology, securing research funding, managing research projects, and planning and delivering the research agenda of NIE. The faculty oversees the rigorous study in numerous multi-disciplinary subject areas of study on pedagogy and educational practice taking place in Sri Lanka and channels the findings to the key decision-makers and Policymakers.

Mrs. M.P.R. Dhanawardena

Deputy Director General, Faculty of Research, Planning & Development

Faculty of Research, Planning and Development

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