Department of Research & Development

What we do

Educational research is important because scientific and trustworthy information provided through educational research help to identify education problems in the system and to find out proper ways for sustainable solutions. Hence, Educational research can challenge and change educational policy and practice. Therefore, educational research becomes inevitable during the process of policy formulation, implementation and monitoring. Recognizing this importance, the NIE act presents Nine objectives of which the 3rd  objective is directly related to the role of research. Therefore, the Department of Research and Development was established in order to achieve the above objective.


  • Conduct evidence based educational research to improve the quality of Education by increasing the number of research conducted incrementally in each consecutive year.
  • Provide grants and guide inside/outside researchers, to conduct research
  • Develop research skills of the academic staff of NIE, and other educational personnel by conducting courses/seminars/workshops/training programs.
  • Facilitate the academic staff for research paper presentations at the local and international conferences
  • Disseminate research knowledge and find findings by publishing journals, occasional papers, newsletters and conducting national seminars and academic forums.


  • Recent studies show that children are capable of learning multiple languages
  • Often people become bilingual when circumstances necessitate them to communicate in two or more languages
  • Being bilingual empowers those with the capability to communicate and link with a wider and diverse community
  • Bilingual speakers are highly valued in today's globally linked world

Academic Staff

Mrs. N.D. Dissanayake
Senior Lecturer
Mrs. D. Hettige
Senior Lecturer
Miss. M.D.D. Iranie de Silva
Assistant Educationist
Mr. H. A. S. Nidesh
Assistant Lecturer

Non Academic Staff

Mr. V.J. Liyanage

Management Assistant - II

Mrs. N.P.N. Jayarani

Office Aide - III

Director's Message

Dr. Mr. K. Prabaharan

Director, Department of Research & Development

Department of Research & Development