Coerce significant impact on social, reasonable, and scholarly disclosure by strengthening basic states of mind in youth.

The facilities represent a potential for disciplines on campus to collaborate across fields. The facility will be used to improve the lives of youth throughout the state.

Facilities of NIE

The National Institute of Education owns two properties that house the institute’s facilities; one at Maharagama and the other at Meepe.


The National Institute of Education’s main premises is situated in Maharagama. The Institute’s premises in both locations have been designed to facilitate its activities of the Institute and is located in a spacious green environment of 17.5 acres in Maharagama and 16.2 acres at Meepe. The premises infrastructure includes airy administrative buildings, accommodation facilities, laboratories, auditoriums and lecture halls, for the institute’s primary functions. The premises are also self-contained with many support facilities at their disposal catering to the needs of staff and the neighbourhood community. A preschool, bank outlet, post office, medical centre, and grocery shop on site make life more convenient.

C.W.W. Kannangara Memorial Auditorium

Three large auditoriums with the capacity to hold 350 participants have been constructed at the Maharagama premises while another with an ability to accommodate 190 persons is situated at the Meepe premises.

Home Economics Laboratory

The Home Economics Laboratory has been established with the assistance of Japanese Aids to foster the development of the Home Economics subject (grades 10 to 13) under the Department of Technical Education. The primary aim of the laboratory is to enhance the practical skills of teachers in the areas of food and nutrition, culinary art as well as textile technology. It serves as a dedicated space for teachers to further develop their expertise and proficiency in teaching the Home Economics curriculum.

Main Auditorium – Maharagama
Main Auditorium – Meepe

The hostel facilities at Maharagama accommodate up to 356 persons with spacious rooms, (AC non-AC) which are available to those training and travelling from afar. Two official Bungalows for senior personnel and 9 staff quarters of which 8 have been allocated for minor staff.

The hostel facilities at Meepe accommodate 125 persons, an official bungalow and 03 quarters for minor staff.

Dining Hall

The public cafeteria, dining hall, and VIP dining rooms cater to the institute’s public visiting.

IT Laboratory – Maharagama
IT Laboratory – Meepe
Science Laboratory
Technical Laboratory
Mechanical Laboratory

The Maharagama property houses 10 laboratories specialising in subjects of Science, Mathematics, Geography, Food Technology, Bio System Technology, Engineering Technology, Language, and Multi-Media while the Meepe property contains one IT lab and a multi-media laboratory.

Language Laboratory
Special Needs Assessment Centre

Stemming from the ‘No child left behind policy a special needs children’s assessment centre has been established for parental guidance and child assessment counselling.

Library – Maharagama

The library at Maharagama holds over 150,000 books, journals and periodicals relating to education. Amongst this collection one can find encyclopaedias, local and foreign academic reports, research reports, articles, academic dissertations, and publications of the National Institute of Education. A comprehensive E-repository provides easy access to distance learners. The library facility is open to persons in the education field and educational researchers.

Library – Meepe

The Education Museum of the National Institute of Education is the only main conservation center of education history in Sri Lanka. The Museum opened to the public after renewing the building in 2015. It contains an exhibit valuable objects and information on education in Sri Lanka. Some of the important objects among the collection are cloak, national dress, handwritten scripts and memorial items of Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara, curriculum materials of general education in Sri Lanka, education circulars, teaching learning materials and ancient writing equipment

Bookshop – Maharagama

Three bookshops, two at Maharagama and one at Meepe facilitate easy access to the institute’s publications and other stationary requirements.

Audio Studio
Video Studio
Printing Press

The printing press situated at the Maharagama premises is equipped with offset printers capable of handling the annual print requirements of teacher guides, training materials, syllabuses, magazines and other materials required by the NIE.

Medical Centre

The services provided by the centre help staff of the NIE to lead an active life free from disease and contribute towards the social wellbeing of all. The centre provides a comprehensive preventive health service.

Pre School

Preschool programs provide early childhood education and care for children, and help them develop a range of skills that make them ready to learn when they start school, such as: Social skills: the ability to empathize and interact successfully with their peer group, and also relate easily to adults.

Banking Facilities

Banking facilities are available for the student to access in the NIE premises for all the financial requirements.