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Sri Lanka National Institute of Education (NIE) is the apex body that is instrumental in propagating the seed of learning in the country. The Institute is delegated with the critical task of developing the curricula for the national general education which includes primary, secondary and post-secondary.  The institute is also mandated to provide quality teacher education and professional development of personnel engaged in the educational sector…



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The National Institute of Education is the prime institute in the country responsible for providing leadership for the development of general education with quality equity and relevance in a pluralistic society. Intending to achieve the NIE’s goals for public education, it undertakes significant activities such as such as designing and developing general education curricula, preparing Syllabi, Teacher Guides, Resource Books, supplementary materials, curriculum development for National Colleges of Education, and teacher training. It also assumes teacher development through long term educational programmes at diploma, graduate and postgraduate levels, academic research and dissemination of research findings, publications and special projects dealing with such issues as special education, open learning and education in socially and economically different areas.

Advise the Minister and ministry of the plans, programmes, and activities necessary to achieve the educational development required by the country
Conduct and promote studies relating to the educational system, its performance, goal achievement, structures, content and its impact on the social and national economy.
Introduce innovative practices to the educational system through teaching methods and the use of technology.
Provide continuous development for personnel involved in the educational system through managerial and professional upgrading.

Our Facilities

The National Institute of Education owns two properties that house the institute’s facilities; one at Maharagama and the other at Meepe.


The National Institute of Education’s main premises is situated in Maharagama. The Institute’s premises in both locations have been designed to facilitate its activities and is located in a spacious green environment of 17.5 acres in Maharagama and 16.2 acres at Meepe. The premises infrastructure includes airy administrative buildings, accommodation facilities, laboratories, auditoriums and lecture halls for the institute’s primary functions. The premises are also self-contained with many support facilities at their disposal catering to the needs of staff and the neighbourhood community. A preschool, bank outlet, post office, medical centre, and grocery shop on site make life more convenient.



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Digital Library

Our Library in Maharagama is open and look forward to welcoming members back. You may use our online book ordering facility to place orders to borrow books from our physical library. If you wish to access our Digital Library sign up for an Online Membership.

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