Housing the largest educational library with a comprehensive collection of educational literature, and other books.

Department of Library and Museum

What we do

The department houses the largest educational library in Sri Lanka and South Asia. The comprehensive collection of educational literature, periodicals and books prove to be an invaluable information resource that supports educational researchers, teachers and academics. The library facilitates a source for upgrading knowledge of personnel attached to the National Institute of Education and other educational institutions in the country. This knowledge resource has been upgraded to be easily accessed digitally. The department also undertakes the training of school librarians and its staff and acts in an advisory capacity to enhance skills and knowledge in library science.

The department also maintains the only national educational museum and is the main conservation centre of education history in Sri Lanka. The museum houses artefacts relating to general education which includes ancient manuscripts, ancient writing equipment, education circulars, teaching-learning materials, and past curricula. Amongst the collection is the memorial belongings of the late Dr C.W.W. Kannangara, who is hailed as the father of Sri Lanka’s free education system. The Museum is opened to the public since 2015.


  • Development of printed and non-printed resources related to the education sector
  • Preparing secondary resources for easy access for users
  • Creating an automated and online library management system
  • Establishment of a digital library for educational resources
  • Training and development teachers who are working in Schools libraries
  • Introduce academic programs to uplift the knowledge of school library teachers
  • Staff training and allocation to provide effective user service
  • Establishment of an educational research hub in Sri Lanka
  • Development of an educational museum with educational history


  • Interactive and effective information service to the stakeholders
  • Library access via online
  • Reach out to meet the needs of educational professionals, schools, policymakers and other related individuals
  • Effective school library services in Sri Lanka to improve the knowledge and other skills of students.
  • An endowment of an educational museum to the Nation.

Academic Staff

Mrs. P.T.M. Rathnayake
Senior Lecturer / Unit Head (Museum)

Non Academic Staff

Rev. Pathakada Rewath Thero


Mrs. D.P.A. Gunawardhana

Technical Assistant - I

Mrs. D.M.S.S. Wijerathne

Library Assistant - III

Mrs. H.N.N.P. Gunathilake

Management Assistant - I

Mrs. W.M.I. Nimanthika

Office Aide - III

Mrs. K.M.I. Menike

Office Aide - III

Director's Message

Mr. H.S. Nanda Kumara

Director, Dept. of Library & Museum

Department of Library and Museum