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Department of Institutional Development

What we do

The Department of Institutional Development is responsible for the curriculum development, professional development, and monitoring of the academic progress of National Colleges of Education and Teachers Training Colleges. It is also responsible for conducting research studies regarding the academic tasks of the above mentioned institutes. In addition department conducts in a service teacher training program for the teachers who are not graduates and are appointed to the school system through selected regional centers. Currently the department is handling National Diploma in Teaching at National Colleges of Education, Certificate in teaching at Teachers training colleges and, non graduate teacher training program in selected regional centers.


  • Develops curriculum for National Diploma in Teaching and Certificate in Teaching.
  • Develops Supplementary materials for Pre-service and In-service teacher development Programmes.
  • Provides basic qualifications for the teachers who have not fulfilled their teacher training.
  • Implements continuous education programs for the professional development of the in-service teachers.
  • Conducts awarding ceremony for National Diploma in Teaching and Certificate in Teaching.
  • Conduct professional development programs for Teacher Educators.
  • Conducts research related to Teacher Education.
  • Monitoring the academic progress of National Colleges of Education, Teacher Training Colleges and Professional Development Centers for Teachers.


  • National Colleges of Education play a major role in fulfilling Most of the Teacher cadre in Sri Lanka.
  • As the National Colleges of Education were established under the Act no 30 of 1986 under the National Institute of Education Act, No. 28 of 1985, it is high time to upgrade National Diploma in Teaching in to Bachelor of Education degree programme.
  • In-service teacher training Programmes contribute to empower the untrained teachers to ensure quality General Education in the school system in Sri Lanka.

Academic Staff

Miss. M.H.F. Maheesha
Senior Lecturer
Mrs. U.G.W.W. Gamage
Senior Lecturer
Mr. A.S. Amarathunga
Assistant Lecturer
M. Varatharajan
Assistant Lecturer
Mrs. D.K.A.S. Yapa
Assistant Lecturer
Mrs. B. Vanitha
Assistant Lecturer

Non Academic Staff

Mrs. H.S. Nilanthi

Management Assistant - II

Mrs. U.G.H.M. Jayawardena

Management Assistant - III

Mrs. W.A.S. Sewwandi

Office Aide - III

Director's Message

Helps cultivate in a child a deep appreciation for the beauty that surrounds them. It helps build a sense of proportion, harmony and beauty with the surroundings as well as higher-order emotions. Plato regarded education as an indispensable part of education in a free man. education is expressed in terms of visual representations, movements, sounds, verbal expression, etc assists in the development of the child’s sensitivity and the child’s personality development. Modern pedagogy empirically proves that each child should have the opportunity to develop their ability to observe, experience, evaluate and create that which is beautiful. This can only be achieved if we offer children a healthy living environment and an active artistic education. It is towards this goal that we strive to teach our future citizens to appreciate and contribute to the rich diversity of nature, culture and heritage of this country.

Mr. W.G.S. Kumara

Director, Dept. of Institutional Development

Department of Institutional Development