Improving educational outcomes for all by leading inclusive practice in education and society.

Department of Inclusive Education

What we do

The Department of Inclusive Education fulfils the need of the government’s policy of leaving no child behind. This department was set up to adapt and innovate the national curricula for children with special educational needs. The department facilitates teacher training and professional development courses in Special Education, Sign Language and Braille.   The department also offers counselling services to parents of special needs children and teachers engaged in this specialized area.


  • To enhance the capacity building of professionals
  • To develop curriculum materials for special educational needs
  • To improve awareness programs for stakeholders
  • To conduct research related to the field of special education
  • Identification and issuing of assessment reports to the Ministry of Education
  • Intervention to the special needs of the children.


  • 23,965 Students with special educational needs are registered in Sri Lanka
  • The department has trained 500 teachers and caregivers in providing special needs.
  • 250,000 special needs students have successfully passed the GCE O/L examination and 8,500 A/L

Academic Staff

Mrs. G.S. Mallika
Senior Lecturer
Mr. P.H.S.P. Dias
Senior Lecturer
Mrs. P. Vinithajinie
Senior Lecturer
Mrs. T.N. Isra
Assistant Lecturer

Non Academic Staff

Mrs. A.A.P.P. Amarasinghe

Management Assistant - III

Director's Message

Mrs. D.J.Y. Pathiranage

Director, Dept. of Inclusive Education

Department of Inclusive Education