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Department of Engineering Services

What we do

The Department of Engineering also plays an important role in being responsible for all construction and maintenance work at the Institute. All buildings and machinery of the Institute are maintained and upgraded by this department minimizing breakdowns and downtime.  The importance of an effective maintenance program can never be overlooked as it plays an important role in the effectiveness of the institute’s daily operations.



Academic Staff

No Staff Members .

Non Academic Staff

Mrs. C.K. Rathnayaka

Civil Engineer

Mr. R.A.I. Roopasinghe

Maintenance Officer

Mr. K.A.J.S. Gunathilaka

Technical Office (Civil)

Mr. J.P. Dileepa Udaya

Technical Assistant - I

Mrs. H. Chandrani

Management Assistant - I

Mrs. W.D. Samali

Management Assistant - III


Management Assistant - III

Mr. U. Ranasinghe

Management Assistant - III

Mr. J.P. Premasiri

Office Aide - I

Mr. W.A. Pushpakumara

Office Aide - III

Mr. P.H.M.G.G. Harshana

Labourer – III

Mr. N.A. Galagedara

Labourer – III

Mr. H.A.S. Sri Lal

Labourer – III

Mr. I.H.I. Pushpakumara

Labourer – III

Mr. A.D.D. Mangala

Labourer – III

Mr. K.C. Athukorala

Labourer – III

Director's Message

Mr. D.K.G.G. Wijesinghe

Director, Department of Engineering Services

Department of Engineering Services