Tamil is one of the ancient, unique and classical language. We pride ourselves in creating this curriculum.

Department of Tamil Language

What we do

Department of Tamil Language operates within the faculty of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences of the National Institute of Education. The Department holds the responsibility of below mentioned subjects Tamil as the first language, Tamil as the second language, with in the general education system in Sri Lanka.

Developing curricular materials, teachers’ guides for grades 6-13 for government schools and conducting teacher training Programmes are the main functions performed by the Department of Tamil Language.

The academic staff of the Department includes the Director, One Senior Lecturer and, two Assistant Lecturers. In addition to the basic functions, the Department supports the subject related educational research, conducted by the Department of research Studies, and works collaboratively with the other Departments at NIE in order to maintain the cross curricular integration. Further, The Department of Tamil language renders its utmost support in Programmes conducted by the National Education commission, Ministry of Education, Department of Educational publications and Department of Examinations to enhance the quality language education in Sri Lanka. The Department of Tamil languages grasp global knowledge about languages and update our new competency to provide quality Education to our Mother Sri Lanka.


  • The development of curricula for Tamil as a first language, Tamil as a second language in Sri Lanka.
  • The preparation of Teacher Guides, Student Books and Other teaching-learning materials.
  • Strengthening the capacity of subject directors, In-service Advisors and teachers of Tamil Education in 9 provinces in the country.
  • Conducting research related to Tamil languages and other languages to enhance the quality of education.


  • Tamil languages is one of the National languages in Sri Lanka.
  • Tamil is the oldest living language in the world.
  • Tamil was declared a classical language by UNESCO.
  • Tamil is the language that is also personified as a god.
  • Tamil language renews itself over time.

Academic Staff

Dr. M. Thayanithy
Senior Lecturer
Mr. P. Suman
Assistant Lecturer
Mrs. K. Lohageetha
Assistant Lecturer

Non Academic Staff


Management Assistant – III

Director's Message

Director, Dept. of Tamil Language

Department of Tamil Language