High-quality religious curriculum encompasses the diversity, fluidity, and complexity of Sri Lankan religions

Department of Religions and Value Education

What we do
The vision and mission of the Department of Religions and Values ​​Education is to provide a high level of religious and value education that is full of humanitarian attitudes, full of religious harmony, realizing the unique skills of the Sri Lankan school community in order to produce citizens, and opening avenues for the promotion of values.
Preparing a common curriculum framework for all religions suitable for the Sri Lankan general education system, preparing the curriculum, preparing the syllabus and modules, introducing basic religious concepts necessary for the promotion of values, working harmoniously with all brother religions, teaching religious subjects to school students are the main responsibilities of ours. The main objective is to provide special resources/services to the Ministry of Education, Examination Department and Education Publication Department for planning Subject teacher-training programs and providing resources, subject promotion activities, evaluation activities, Subject Monitoring services. Our department, which aims to create a virtuous and honest society, is working for the overall efficiency of the National Institute of Education.


  • Development of curriculum for secondary education (grade 6-13) in Sri Lanka on Religions and Value Education.
  • Guidance and consultation role in the Formation of curriculum for early childhood development pertaining to primary education.
  • Preparing of Syllabi, Teacher guides, Students’ resource books and other teacher – learning materials.
  • Participating in educational research, reporting and revising the existing curriculum.
  • Conducting awareness and training programmes for varied state holders involved in the Religions and Value education.
  • Working in collaboration with the Department of Examination, Ministry of Education and Education Publication Department.


  • Promotion of knowledge on religions, human and religious values.
  • Promotion of social cohesion and religious harmony
  • Religions and Value education through 21st century skills.
  • Promotion of spiritual way of living according to the insight received from one’s own religion.
  • Inculcating the practice of mindfulness in the general education of religions and Value education.

Academic Staff

Dr. P Jeyaroopan
Assistant Lecturer
Mr. J.M Jasar
Assistant Lecturer
Mr. G.R.M.A Gamlath
Assistant Lecturer
Dr. Mrs. D.K.S. Bhagya
Assistant Lecturer
Rev. Fr. L.P.K.N. Fernando
Assistant Lecturer

Non Academic Staff

Mrs.S.C. Priyadarshani

Management Assistant

Mrs. L.H.U. Liyanage

Management Assistant

Mr. D. Amarasingha

Office Aide

Director's Message

Rev. U. Sudassi Thero

Director, Dept. of Religions & Values Education

Department of Religions and Value Education