Piriven Education Unit

What we do

The Unit of Pirivena Education of the N.I.E. is involved in supporting Pirivena Education Branch of the MOE curricular design and planning related to Primary Pirivena and Buddhist Seelamatha institute curriculum. The curricular blends with scientific knowledge and traditional classical education to be more relevant and effective in a fast-developing globally linked world.


  • Supporting in developing curricular for all subjects of Pirivena education in Sri Lanka.
  • Supporting in preparing Teacher Instructional Manuals and other necessary teaching learning materials for all subjects to enhance teaching-learning prosses.
  • Supporting in empowering the teacher community with the required knowledge, skills and attitudes of all subjects.
  • Conducting researches related to teaching and learning process to enhance the quality of Pirivena education.
  • Developing audio and video materials to support quality teaching learning prosses.


  • The purpose of the Pirivena Education Unit is to produce a generation empowered with tolerance, knowledge of dhamma and language capabilities to face future challenges by safeguarding the conventional education system.

Academic Staff

Dr. Ven. Kukurampola Gnanawimala
Head of the Unit

Non Academic Staff

Mr. P.A.D. Rohana

Management Assistant - I

Mr. K.P. Perera

Office Aide - II

Unit Head’s Message

As per the Act No. 28-1985, the sole responsibility of the National Institute of Education is to plan and design the curriculum for both general education in Sri Lanka and to do research in education and for the development of teacher professionalism in particular. Pirivena education too falls into the normal cadre of general education and the National Institute of Education was not directly involved in any aspect of Pirivena education until 2017 which saw the light of the day with the advent of alternative schools of thought such as Abhayagiriya and Jethavanaya centered and based on Maha Vihara in Anuradhapura Era.

Accordingly, as per the decision No. 412.5.12 taken at the meeting No. 412 and I.M. No. 5157 held on 16.03.2017 at the N.I.E., the Unit of Pirivena Education was formally established to bolster and foster Pirivena Education, being affiliated to the Department of Sinhala of the Faculty of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Currently, the Unit of Pirivena Education of the N.I.E. is actively engaged in the process of curriculum design and planning related to both the Primary/Elementary Pirivena and Bauddha Seelamatha concurrently to the reforms in school curriculum.

Dr. Ven. Kukurampola Gnanawimala Thero

Head of the Unit (Pirivena)

Piriven Education Unit