Become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, through a varied curriculum and complex problems

Department of Mathematics

What we do

The Department of Mathematics is responsible for developing the mathematics curricula for the levels of junior secondary, senior secondary (ordinary level), and mathematics, combined mathematics and higher mathematics curricula for the senior secondary (advanced level) of general education. These subjects play an important role in education and life as it develops the skills of pattern-seeking and logical thinking; skills required for STEM-related jobs of the future and also increase problem-solving skills in students as it develops the skill of thinking by encouraging the working of answers.


  • The development of curricula for Mathematics in Junior secondary to senior secondary in Sri Lanka.
  • The development of curricula for the subjects of Combined Mathematics and Mathematics for senior secondary in Sri Lanka.
  • The preparation of Syllabi, Teacher Guides, Student Modules, and other teaching-learning resource materials.
  • Conduct Capacity building Programmes for Mathematics subject directors, Mathematics In- service Advisors, Mathematics teachers, and relevant officers to strengthen the junior to senior secondary level Mathematics in Sri Lanka.
  • Conducting research related to junior and senior secondary Mathematics Education to enhance the quality of Mathematics education in our mother Sri Lanka.


  • Understanding of the properties and relationships, operations, and algorithms within the mathematical concepts.
  • Proficiency in carrying out operations and algorithms, visualizing space, handling data, and using mathematical tools in day-to-day life.
  • Development of attitudes such as belief, appreciation, confidence, motivation, interest, and perseverance.
  • Competencies in abstracting and reasoning, representing and communicating, applying, and problem-solving.
  • Mathematics is a 21st-century life skill required for tomorrow’s best solutions for the world.
  • Aptitude in Math begins with the attitude toward the subject of Math.

Academic Staff

Mrs. M. N. P. Peiris
Senior Lecturer
Mr. S. Rajendram
Senior Lecturer
Mr. C. Sutheson
Assistant Lecturer
Mr. P. Vijaikumar
Assistant Lecturer
Miss. K.K.V.S. Kankanamge
Assistant Lecturer

Non Academic Staff

Mrs. K.N. Senani

Technical Assistant - I

Miss. N.D. Shiromanie

Management Assistant - I

Mr. R.M. Roopasinghe

Office Aide - I

Mr. G.P.H.J. Kumara

Director, Dept. of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics