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Department of Information Technology

What we do

ICT has become an essential component for the technological, scientific and economic development of our country as well as the world. This technology is closely linked to education. The contribution of information and communication technology in public, private and self-employment is also essential. Therefore, learning and using this technology will be a great support to students in their daily lives as well as contributing to the national development of the country. Thus our task is to create a good citizen with the skills of the twenty – first century who contributes to the national development effectively and sustainably, adapting to new trends safely and ethically, in an entrepreneurial mindset while respecting human values.


  • Preparation of syllabus, modules, teacher guides, resource books and other teaching learning materials.
  • Strengthening the capacity of subject directors, in service advisors and teachers of junior secondary and senior secondary in nine provinces in the county
  • Conducting research related to ICT in ICT school education enhances the quality of education.


  • Introducing and implementing a learner-centric, innovative and service oriented curriculum
  • Adopting an effective technology solution for teaching and learning process
  • Inculcate basic computer literacy and develop a base for further pursued of Information and Communication Technology studies
  • Building internal capabilities through continued learning for professional development

Academic Staff

Mrs. M.N.P. Maddumage
Mrs. G.D.W.M. Ariyarathne
Assistant Lecturer
Mrs.P.N.W.A.L.K. Premarathne
Assistant Lecturer
Miss. V.J. Karunanayaka
Assistant Lecturer

Non Academic Staff

Director's Message

The knowledge of technology occupies a very important place in today’s world that is changing rapidly. The development progresses forward as per the growth of technology.
The knowledge of information and technology which plays an important role in the teaching learning process now a day, is of vital important in order to shine in other fields and succeed the challenging world.

It should be noted that the knowledge of information and communication technology helps one to get prepared for the work of world and face the challenges.
Further, it helps one to function independently, take conducive decisions by gathering information as quickly as possible and exhibit his or her skill and talents.
Hence, I congratulate you, the good citizens and who are to rule the future world to be successful in life by obtaining the knowledge of information and communication technology.

  Mr. S. Shanmugalingam

Director, Dept. of Information Technology

Department of Information Technology