We entirely focus on the English language and the development of English literature through time and around the world.

Department of English Language

What we do
Quality education is the key to nurturing talents, hearts and minds which is essential for the development of a nation. In providing quality education, English language education plays a vital role in improving communicative skills, broadening minds and developing social and emotional skills which ultimately leads to opening up of doors for plenty of opportunities to improve the quality of life.
The Department of English at the National Institute of Education shoulders the responsibility of developing English Language curriculum for the general education system in Sri Lanka and empowering the teacher community with the required knowledge, skills and attitudes. As the academic establishment devoted to quality English teacher education, the Department offers the Diploma in teaching English as a second language (Dip TESL) for the teachers of English with the purpose of developing a dynamic, result oriented and updated teacher community. In addition, the Department provides professional and academic assistance and guidance fostering 30 Regional English Support Centres (RESCs) island wide.


  • Developing curricular for the English language and English Literature for the general education system in Sri Lanka
  • Preparing Teacher Instructional Manuals, resource books and other necessary teaching learning materials.
  • Empowering the English language teacher community with the required knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Conducting Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language (Dip/TESL) programme targeting the professional development of the teachers of English.
  • Monitoring and evaluating Regional English Support Centres (RESCs) and conducting professional development programmes for the RESC staff in order to empower them with required pedagogical and practical knowledge in language teaching.
  • Conducting research related to teaching and learning English as a second language to enhance the quality of education.


  • Recognizing the impact of effective pedagogy and systematic instructions related to language teaching and learning and the importance of the functional aspect of language, the department of English is involved in the curriculum and material development process of English language and English Literature components for the General education system in Sri Lanka with the purpose of creating competent language users.

Academic Staff

Mrs. G.K. Verosha
Assistant Lecturer

Non Academic Staff

Mrs. W.A. Hansa Geethani

Management Assistant - II

Mrs. L.D.G. Kanchana

Management Assistant - II

Mrs. H.D. Swarnalatha

Office Aide - I

Department Head’s Message

The ability to communicate in English has been identified as the best tool in facing the social, economic and political challenges of the 21st century. The Department of English being one of the prominent Departments of the faculty of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences offers direction to the general education system regarding English language and English Literature subjects. The Department also has set up professional development forums both digitally and live for the teachers of English, teacher trainers of Regional English Support Centres, ISAs, and Subject Directors. Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language is one such study programme offered by the Department.

In addition, the Department initiates, monitors and evaluates research related to English language education and encourages knowledge sharing opportunities, organizing national and international research conferences.

Mrs. W.A.M.C.P. Welagedara

Department Head, Department of English Language

Department of English Language