To enrich teaching learning process with electronic media.

Department of Electronic Dissemination

What we do

The Department of Electronic Dissemination (DoED) produces resourceful supplementary educational materials using electronic media. These programs are basically used to facilitate primary, junior secondary, senior secondary ordinary level and senior secondary advance level students as teaching aids, add-ons or as self-learning tools. These electronic supplementary teaching learning materials are produced in audio and video media using various production formats in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages.


  • Production of educational audio and video programs for effective learning
  • Production of video programs and upload to Channel NIE YouTube
  • Establishing NIE Web Radio Channel


  • Facilitate distance education using TV, Radio, and Internet
  • Practise the use of electronic media for flexible and support of teaching
  • Nurturing students with various online educational resources
  • Training students and teachers to use high tech devices and digital technologies
  • Promote developments of learning with media
  • Becoming aware of the importance of electronic media as a part of socialisation

Academic Staff

Dr. Mrs. C.N. Edward
Senior Lecturer
Mrs. G.A. Wimalarathne
Senior Lecturer
Miss. E.A.D.T.A. Edirisinghe
Assistant Lecturer
Mr. J.M.S.S. Jayasinghe
Assistant Lecturer
Dr. S. T. Sribreindaran
Assistant Lecturer

Non Academic Staff

Mr. R.A. Kumarasiri

Technical Officer

Mr. K.W.P. Perera

Technical Officer

Mr. Y.P.S. Liyanage

Technical Officer

Mr. U.J. Rodrigo

Technical Assistant - II

Mrs. D.S.N. Weerabaddhana

Technical Assistant - II

Mr. P.A. Lakmal

Technical Assistant - II

Mr. Y.D.A.P.S. Gunawardhena

Media Technician - I

Mr. J.M. Chathura Madusanka

Media Technician - III

Mr. K.B. Kelum Sandaruwan

Media Technician - III

Mrs. S.A.P.M. Samarasinghe

Management Assistant - III

Miss. R.M.I. Rathnayake

Management Assistant - III

Mr. J.M. Amarasiri

Office Aide - I

Director's Message

Mr. R. Balasooriya

Director, Department of Electronic Dissemination

Department of Electronic Dissemination