Education administrators manage the administration, support systems & activities ensuring institutions run smooth.

Department of Education Administration & Development

What we do

Considering the faculty vision, mission and scope of the clientele Department of Educational Administration and Development already has an impressive portfolio of education management programmes. The Department will run five programmes namely, Master of Science in Educational Management, Master of Education in Educational Management, Bachelor of Education Management, Publication of Education Management Magazine “Adyapana Kalamana”, and Principal’s training programme on instructional leadership based on the Secondary curriculum reform.

The Department also conducts Short courses for officers in the Sri Lanka Education Administrative Service (SLEAS) in addition to the long-term induction courses specially designed for new recruits of the SLEAS.


  • To improve the management competencies and relevant skills for education leaders
  • To conduct relevant education management research
  • To conduct education management training programmes for all school leaders by concerning quality, equity and relevant issues with the collaboration of HRD of the Ministry of education
  • To publish education management magazines to provide new knowledge and concepts related to education management
  • To conduct overseas programmes for building the relationship with other countries
  • To get the membership of the international education management organizations or associations for sharing new management concepts and practices


Academic Staff

Dr. Mrs. D.D. Lellupitiya
Senior Lecturer
Mr. M. Ananda
Senior Lecturer
Mr. I.D. Mahawaththa
Assistant Lecturer
Mrs. H.M.R. Bhagya
Assistant Lecturer

Non Academic Staff

Mrs. W.J. Jayaweera

Management Assistant - I

Mrs. J.R.K. Perera

Management Assistant - I

Mrs. K.W.D. Wasanthi

Office Aide - III

Mrs. M. Amarawathie

Office Aide - III

Director's Message

Dr. S. Karunakaran

Director, Department of Education Administration & Development

Department of Education Administration & Development