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Department of Commerce

What we do

The Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Management is a dynamic, distinctive body in the National Institute of Education, involved in developing and enhancing the school curriculum in Sri Lanka from Grades 6 to 13, focusing on the inculcation of  entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship mindset in school pupils competent of 21st century skills to meet the  requirements of 4th industrial revolution, with the distinguished collaboration of the most outstanding industry experts and superb professional organizations locally and globally in the business field.


  • Developing the curricular for business and entrepreneurship education in Sri Lanka.
  • Preparing teacher guides, syllabus, subject content grids, student learning module, resource books, other teaching-learning materials and e-learning materials…etc.
  • Strengthening the capacity of subject directors, In Service Advisors and teachers in 9 Provinces in the country.
  • Conducting researches related to business and entrepreneurship education to enhance the quality of education in Sri Lanka


  • Entrepreneurs act as wheels of economic growth in the country who create wealth and improve social standards.
  • Youth enriched with growth mindset to be entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with a sound financial literacy
  • Students would become active contributors for sustainable national development with peace and harmony minimizing regional disparities
  • Capable human capital to meet the demand of the job market in the 4th Industrial Revolution and beyond.
  • Students with business attitudes and skills to be precise and articulate, considering its ethical side.
  • Self-motivated students towards creating eco-friendly enterprises utilizing local resources

Academic Staff

Mr. D.L.C.R.A. Kumara
Mr. S.R. Rathnajeewa
Mr. I. Kailasapathy
Assistant Lecturer
Miss. K.K.I. Kumaranathunga
Assistant Lecturer

Non Academic Staff


Management Assistant - III

Mr. W.A.R. Wickamaarachchi

Office Aide - I

Director's Message

Dr. (Mrs.) P.H. Kusumawathie

Director, Dept. of Commerce

Department of Commerce