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Department of Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences is responsible for developing curricula to junior secondary and senior secondary (ordinary level and advanced level) stages of general education. The Department offers several subjects History, Geography, Civic Education for grades 6 to 11 and History, Geography, Political Science and Logic and Scientific method for grades 12 & 13.
The purpose of Social sciences education is to direct students to the study of human relationships between human and physical environment. Accordingly, the Social Sciences curriculum is designed to be problem-based approach. Also, this curriculum expects the students to improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills to successfully face the 21st century challenges.


  • The development of History, Geography and Civic Education curricula for Grades 6 to 11 general education in Sri Lanka.
  • The development of History, Geography, Political Science and Logic and Scientific Method curricula for Grades 12 and 13 general education in Sri Lanka
  • Planning, organizing and conducting capacity development programs in Social Sciences for teachers, In-service Advisors, subject directors and relevant officers
  • The preparation of syllabus Teacher Guides, modules and other teaching-learning materials.
  • Strengthening the capacity of subject directors, In-service Advisors and teachers of Social Science subjects in the country.
  • Conducting research related to Social Science subject areas to enhance the quality of education.


  • Live with awareness of the nature and processes of the environment in which they (people) live.
  • Identify and understand public & community issues.
  • Participate in communities through organizations working to address an array of historical cultural, social political and religious interests and beliefs.
  • Adjust personal behaviour to fit the dynamics of various groups and situations
  • Demonstrate flexibility as goals and situation change.
  • Be a loyal citizen while safeguarding the national heritage and maintaining national identity.
  • Deal with national problems with a balanced mind.
  • Enhance knowledge about time and space.
  • Respect governance, law and other cultures.

Academic Staff

Mrs. W.A.K. Sudarshani
Senior Lecturer
Dr. S. Karunakaran
Senior Lecturer
Mrs. W.S.S. Gunawardane
Senior Lecturer
Mrs.S.U.I.K.De Silva
Senior Lecturer
Mr. D.W.G.J. Bandara
Assistant Lecturer
Mr. K. Arivalagan
Assistant Lecturer
Mr. K.G.K. Prabhash
Assistant Lecturer

Non Academic Staff

Ms. A.L.S.P. Attapatu

Management Assistant

Ms. R.D.G.N. Abeysekara

Management Assistant

Mrs. P. N. Rajasooriya

Office Assistant

Director's Message

Mrs. D.H.C.N. Dharmapala

Director, Dept. of. Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences